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Best True Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide: The Best True And Truly Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy On Any Budget In 2018.

Best True Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide: the best true and truly wireless earbuds you can buy on any budget in 2018.

Wires aren’t the best, we’re the first to admit. They tangle up in your pocket, get caught on zippers when you’re not paying attention and slap your neck while working out. We’d have ditched them earlier if we could’ve, but for a long time their sound quality and design just weren’t up to par with their wired siblings.

Thankfully, however, those days are behind us.

The latest true wireless earbuds not only sound just as good as their wired equivalents, but they are now just as reliable thanks to some major improvements in wireless technology like Bluetooth 4.0.

True wireless headphones may be a bit more expensive, sure, but that additional upfront cost pays for the convenience of living cable-free.

True wireless vs wireless, what’s the difference?


Before we dive too deep down the rabbit hole, we should cover the whole true wireless vs wireless discussion happening in the audio world right now.

Wireless headphones, as a form factor have existed for some time now – basically since Bluetooth as a standard was invented. For years they went largely unrecognized by the audio community because Bluetooth, despite being ultra-convenient, didn’t do the best job transmitting music at a high enough resolution. That changed with the advent of aptX – a codec that allowed for higher bitstreams at lower latency.

While aptX was changing the game for the whole of the audio community, audio manufacturers were working on an entirely new form factor: True Wireless.

True Wireless has no cords whatsoever. While wireless allowed us to wear headphones a few feet away from our music players, True Wireless cut the cord between the earbuds out completely, giving us true range of motion.

The jury is still out on whether they’re called true wireless or truly wireless, but the idea is exactly the same – you won’t find any cables to weigh these headphones down.

Ready to cut the cord? Here are the best true wireless earbuds available today.

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